Rent a Guest House in Bournemouth Instead of Flying to Hawaii

Bournemouth is a borough in the county of Dorset. A coastal town, Bournemouth offers stunning views of both the countryside and beaches. But that’s not all! Stay at any of the hotels in Bournemouth and you will discover that Bournemouth is a great place for water sports too. There’s no need to plan a holiday in the Hawaii to enjoy surfing.

The Oceanarium

There are ten recreated environments at the Oceanarium. These environments take visitors on a tour of the waters around the world. Key West, the Amazon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Mediterranean are some recreated habitats. The Oceanarium also boasts of the world’s first Interactive Dive Cage. Imagine getting out of your B&B Bournemouth and being plunged into a virtual 270 degree view of the ocean. The cage is built with interactive technology and allows users to get close with dolphins, sharks and manta rays. There are also games and an animated experience includes a whale swallowing visitors and taking them right through the digestive tract. Stay inside the guest house in Bournemouth if the adventure seems to be too scary.

Stay in a beach hut

Bournemouth BeachBournemouth has 7 miles of golden sandy beaches. From as little as £8.50 per day or £36.00 per week, one can hire traditional beach huts. There are over 200 such huts that line the Bournemouth sea front right from Southbourne to Alum Chine. Beachhuts are equipped with gas rings, chairs and curtains. If you find that hotels in Bournemouth are not that great, beach huts are a great option.

Get an aerial view of the city

The Bournemouth Eye or the Bournemouth balloon is the answer to the London Eye. It is a helium balloon attached to the ground via steel cables. At a height of 192 meters, visitors can get a panoramic view of the town by getting into the enclosed steel gondola.

See if you can spot your guest house in Bournemouth.


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