Have A Good Time at Boutique Hotels in Cheltenham This Easter!

Easter and spring is a fantastic occasion awaited by holiday makers throughout the world! There are several events you can enjoy at the Cheltenham area during your Easter holidays. You can enjoy the endless Easter activities and the wonderful Cotswold countryside while you plan your stay at one of the hotels in Cheltenham.

You can enjoy Easter activities like attending Cheltenham theatres, art galleries, museums, horse fun rides, egg hunts and more. Let us have a look at some of the Easter and spring activities that are enjoyed by people at Cheltenham:

Jazzy jazz festival

When the music lovers get to enjoy music for free, it is truly music to their ears! The famous Cheltenham jazz festival is for the jazz lovers and you will be able to rock to the tunes of various jazz bands. There are several venues including bars and pubs where these jazz festivals are held. Inquire about these festivals at the boutique hotels where you plan your stay. Enjoy jazz music while dining at these classy bars and pubs.

Theatre activities

The theatres are quite close to the hotels. Make a plan with your family and get entertainment during Easter and spring holidays. Watch musicals like Cinderella at the Bacon Theatre and enjoy the Vienna Festival Ballet; a classical production including a matchless fairytale dance! You will surely be impressed by the melodious music, charming characters as well as elegant choreographers of this ballet. You can also watch the family film Alice in Wonderland at the Bacon theatre.

Thank You For The Music

Live shows

Live shows and circus are fancied by many. The spectacular performances can be seen at the circus and you will be truly amazed by the heart and soul put I by the artists to make their stunts unique! If you are an ABBA fan, you can also watch the concert ‘Thank You for the Music ‘organized at the Cheltenham race course.

Magical museums

The authorities at the boutique hotels in Cheltenham have all the information about the nearby museums where you can spend your day admiring the art. The Gloucester Folk Museum is a fantastic museum which displays heritage art and a spring trail during Easter. You will definitely have a remarkable Easter when you indulge in the above activities. Happy Easter holidaying!


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