2 Exotic islands You Must Go to When You Visit Bournemouth!

Bournemouth is also known as ‘Paradise of UK’ and is blessed with small and beautiful islands in the surroundings. It’s the best part of the countryside to explore the south coast. The beaches here are seven miles long with fantastic parks and gardens near the beach. It is the best place to relax and have fun with your family members or friends or with your partner.

Besides these beaches you can also spend some time on islands that are visited by many. Lots of parties and weddings take place on these islands and beaches. Let us see couple of islands that make Bournemouth a memorable destination.

Brownsea Island:


This little island is located on Poole Harbour, which is world’s second largest Harbour. Enjoy a lot by watching the wildlife on the island. Spectacular views can be captured at Purbeck hills at the evening hours, especially during sunset. You can savour some delicious food and drink at Villano cafe on the island.

There are many hotels for you to stay if you are looking forward to extend the trip. As the population is more due to tourists, it might be difficult to find the hotel at the right time.

Furzey Island:

Furzey Island

Yet another island to visit on Poole Harbour. This island is specially known for the trees from which oil is extracted and the pieline which is linked to Fawley, Southampton. This place is known as Wytch farm oil field, which is exciting to watch. Besides these there are many historic places to visit. Wildlife is also an part of Furzey Island tourism. You can also have a ride on boat to have a look at the nearby beaches. When you visit to Furzey island never miss a chance to visit the beach at night. Its special!

These two island’s beauty is beyond expectations. One must definitely visit if residing in hotel in Bournemouth!


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