Indulge in the Delight of Torquay Attractions with Smart Online Hotel Booking

A well-known seaside resort in the Southwest of England, Torquay is also called as the English Riviera. This historic town is a favorite of the tourists from all over the world due to the exemplary sea beaches and activities such as surfing, swimming, cruises, etc. Some of the hotels in Torquay are also historic that date back to mid 1800s and still operate for the guests.

Hotels near Torquay attractions

These hotels are preferred by the tourists as they are very near the Torquay attractions such as Meadfoot beach, Rainbow Funhouse, Torquay Museum, English Riviera Global Geopark, which is a UNESCO recognized and more. The Torquay hotels give a homely feel to everyone and offer spacious luxurious rooms that cater to everyone’s needs and preferences.

Different activities in Torquay

Generally, couples, youngsters and families come over here to enjoy the picturesque Torquay, indulge in water sports and golf activities, savor the local cuisines, as well as enjoy the personal luxurious amenities of the hotels. The beaches of Torquay are famous for surfing, scuba diving, sailing, swimming, etc for the youngsters.

Historical Torquay hotel guests

Some hotels in Torquay are built in Mediterranean style. Interestingly, these hotels have had famous historical guests like Napoleon III, King Edward VII and others. The guests prefer seaside hotels as they can easily see dolphins along the cliffs and experience the hospitality of the town as locals guide the guests with Torquay Attractions.

Rainbow Funhouse - Torquay Attractions
Rainbow Funhouse

Rainbow Funhouse and Torquay Museum

The children can be taken to the Rainbow Funhouse in the town where they can play on the race track or the slides. The afternoon time can be spent in shopping in the local market buying the handicrafts, watches, wall pieces, etc. But what should not be missed is the Torquay Museum which will enthrall all to learn more about the Egyptian mummies and pyramids.

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