My husband Henry and I desperately needed a break and I had complained about it several times to him. One of the weekends in the month of July, he reached home early and said “Darling I have a surprise for you.” “And what is that?” I asked not getting bothered by it. Henry often gave me small surprises so it wasn’t a big deal for me and I wasn’t anticipating something huge. “A ticket for two to Blackpool.” he said. “Wow! What a pleasant surprise!” I said.
“So you remembered I always wanted to visit that place huh?” I asked while doing the laundry. “Oh yes” said he giving a peck on my forehead. “Thanks a lot Henry, you don’t know how much it means to me. So when are we leaving?” I asked. “Next week. You know what, there is a website that gives information and fantastic deals on more than 140000 hotels. I searched for some of the best hotels in Blackpool and found one.”

We reached Blackpool from London in about in four and half hours. Since we were too tired we headed towards the hotel directly. I was really surprised by the 5 star hotel that Henry had booked for us. It had all the amenities you could ever ask for including a royal suite with luxurious king sized bed, WI-fi, gymming facility, swimming pool, ample parking space and amazing restaurants. “You shouldn’t have spent so much Henry. You could have a booked a bed and breakfast hotel. That would have been cheaper. We just had to sleep.” “No Fiona. Come on, I earn enough to spend on such things and I wanted the surprise to be really good.” He said while smiling. “Okay. Let’s go to sleep. Long day tomorrow.” We immediately went off to sleep.
Stanley Park

The next day we started our journey after having delicious breakfast at our hotel. The first destination we visited was Stanley Park. We were really happy to see the green and fantastically designed landscape and know that it is one of the best parks of the area. It is a park having a wonderful place surrounded by parks and lakes that give a wonderful ambiance. We took long strolls on the green grass of the park and it was very rejuvenating for the eyes and feet.
Blackpool Beach

When it comes to rekindling the romance, no place can beat a beach. After Stanley park, we opted for the car hire service that was given by the company and reached the Blackpool beach. People of all age groups had gathered here as it was apt for everyone including kids, couples and the elderly. This beach stretches from Starr Gate to Bispham and there was miles and miles of golden sand on the beach. The beach had some steps that were built in a Spanish way and Henry and I took wonderful shots among the gushing waves.
Sandcastle Waterpark

“Fiona, I know your love for water and that is why I am taking you to the largest water-park in Britan.” said Henry. “Wow! Wasn’t the water in the ocean enough?” I giggled as I asked. “No” he said and we reached the Sand Castle water-park. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the longest water roller coaster in the world and it also had four large slides. Being adventurers at heart, Henry and I had the best time of our lives at the park.
We spent great 4 days at Blackpool and enjoyed several other places. Not to forget the amenities rendered by the hotels in Blackpool including sauna, spa, lounge areas and more. When I think of the best trip I have ever had, Blackpool comes to my mind for sure! Make sure you visit this place atleast once in your life.


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