Stay at One of the Hotels in Blackpool and Cool Up The Summers!

Blackpool is one of the best places to visit if you want to cool up from the summer heat. Hotels in Blackpool are the most luxurious place to put up at whether it is for long holidays, a weekend get away or a family trip. So what can you do it beat the heat? Let’s take a look:

Soak your feet at the pleasure beach:

The Pleasure Beach in Blackpool is quite proximate to the most luxurious hotel. After relaxing in your hotel room, soak your feet in the cool waters of the beach and feel the soft sand underneath your feet. It will be the best reflexology treatment you might have ever received. More than 6 million visitors visit this beach every year and you can also enjoy several water roller coasters and attractions out here. Be ready to have fun!

Blackpool Beach Deck Chair

Soothe your eyes at Sea Life Centre:

Ask about the Sea Life Centre at any of the hotels in Blackpool and you will get the precise information about the same. Located between Central Pier and Blackpool Tower, it is one of the worth watching aquariums. The beautiful marine life and the blue waters will soothe your eyes and take you to a different world all together. Are you ready for your underwater adventure?


Feel the wind from Blackpool Tower:

Wouldn’t it feel fantastic to feel the wind passing through your hair from 518 ft 9 inches of height? Climb up the Blackpool Tower and make sure you do that! The tower has been built by getting inspired from the architecture of Eiffel Tower and the best part is that you can see the tower from any prime location of Blackpool!


Get cool at the Sandcastle Waterpark

Sandcastle Waterpark

The Sandcastle Water Park is the largest indoor water-park having more than 18 slides and other attractions. Just decide one of the days you want to visit it and be there with your family to plunge into the cool water rides. It will be a day full of fun and excitement for sure!


Book one of the hotels in Blackpool and beat the heat now!


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